Monday, July 25, 2016

Surviving Teacher Orientation

Today marks the beginning of a brand-new school year at a brand-new-to-me school with a brand-new-to-me job.  This year I will teach seventh and eighth grade reading to one hundred and fifty unsuspecting middle schoolers, and I plan to enjoy it thoroughly.  Of all the high school grades, I've always liked teaching freshmen best, and I figure seventh and eighth graders are just extra freshman-y.  Right?

But before the kids show up, we have teacher orientation, which started today.  I knew it might be a long day for those of us not particularly enraptured with blood-borne pathogen statistics and dismemberment insurance policies, so I made this BINGO game pictured below:

Somewhere on Pinterest, I remembered seeing teachers who did this for their school's faculty meetings, and it definitely did keep things interesting.  I gave a copy to my sister-in-law (who also has a brand-new-to-her teaching job) and kept the other copy for myself.  Unfortunately, I failed BINGO miserably because we did not see any new teachers using gel pens and we did hear an educational rap from the mic.  And let me tell you, I didn't think anything could get more awkward than an educational rap about reporting abuse, but then it did when we watched a video of kids hugging each others' knees as they ran in circles, and we were asked to do the same.  Sometimes I wonder what non-teachers do in their meetings.  Like sit?  And talk?  I really cannot even imagine.

How do the rest of you teachers make the time pass during long meetings?  

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