Tuesday, July 26, 2016

My Happy Grading Stamp

Hi, my name is Olivia, and I am a red-pen-aholic.  Give me an error-ridden essay and a red pen, and I will make that paper bleed.  My desk looks like the Boston Massacre, and so does every event program, church bulletin, or other piece of print that dares to come my way.  Unfortunately, my inky addiction can hurt those closest to me, including my innocent, well-meaning students.  I know that students need affirmation and positive feedback, but when time is limited, it’s easy to get caught in the pen’s crimson grasp and forget to leave words of encouragement.  This year I ordered a happy yellow stamp to pump up the positive in my feedback.  It says, “You Just Made My Day! –Mrs. Gold,” and while I know this is only a start, I know that I will look for any excuse to stamp my message because it is so bright and cheery!  

 Here’s to hoping my hyper-sensitivity to good work will help me write more meaningful feedback, as well.  What are some fun ways you have found to leave positive feedback?   

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