Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Falling in Love with Imagery!

Since moving to Florida last summer, I have missed my favorite season of the year:  Autumn.  I miss the crunching leaves under my shoes and the smell of bonfires wafting through the cool breezes.  This year, although I still live in Florida, I actually teach in a New England classroom through Google Hangouts (more about that in a future post).  I have taken full advantage of their beautiful fall season by launching an Imagery in Autumn unit, in which students must photograph all 5 senses and write beautiful imagery to describe them.  Here are a few pictures my students have taken:

At first, my students had a hard time coming up with "taste" imagery for autumn, but now it has become one of their favorite!  I especially love this student's version of taste imagery:

I may have to stop writing at this very moment and make myself a s'more -- eighty-degree weather or not!

It's sometimes funny to see what my students choose as the most important images of fall.  If I could stand in their place, I imagine I would take pictures of the fiery trees and crisp, contrasting skies, but I tell them that a unique perspective is one of the most important aspects of imagery.  Any one of us can experience the same autumn, but nobody else can see it through our own eyes.

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