Monday, August 31, 2015

Laminate All the Things!

"Don't bend the paper!!! Here, let me hold that. No! You're crumpling it!"

That was me -- every class period of every day on which we had scheduled a classroom game. See, most of my English games come with game cards for student teams to read or analyze or follow in some form.  My students love it. I love it. But I do NOT love finding my game cards crushed, bent, or even a bit sweaty, so this year I have undergone the task of laminating the cards for ALL of my classroom games. At first it just seemed a bit annoying, but then I realized something that made it awesome: for any card that prompts students to write a response, they can now write directly on the game card with a dry-erase marker and erase the marks when the game is done! This is life-changing. I'm in love with my laminating machine.
I know a lot of you have purchased my English games in the past, so I just thought I would share this dry-erase trick in case you are interested. If you aren't quite sure what I'm talking about, you can view my Simile vs. Metaphor team challenge here!

Happy laminating!

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