Thursday, August 4, 2016

It's Lit (erature) Bulletin Board

After meetings and more meetings and meetings about more meetings, I finally had a chance to really work on my classroom today.  Hooray!  I got my class lists, labeled like crazy, got my revised class lists, re-labeled like crazy, and put up a bulletin board I have been anticipating for months!  This bulletin board took a little planning, but was overall a simple and fun task.  Here's how it happened:

1.  During the many meetings, I asked the other teachers in my building to tell me the names of their favorite books.

2.  I searched on Google images for the covers of their favorite books and copied them into a document.

3.  I found all of the staff photos on the school's website, and copied the teachers' pictures into the document with the book covers.

4.  I accidentally printed the document to a building across campus, and when I got there, it had printed double-sided. :(

5.  I re-copied the pages and cut out the book covers and staff photos.

6.  I wrote "IT'S LITERATURE!" in a huge Kimberly Geswein font (KG Second Chances Solid and KG Second Chances Sketch).  I made the "It's Lit" stand out, which made me feel quite clever because my students used that phrase in every other sentence last year!

 7.  I typed a page that says, "Match your teachers with their favorite books!"  I printed this a bit more successfully.

8.  I painstakingly cut out every letter, cover, and photo because I still have not purchased a Cameo Silhouette for my classroom.  (Fingers are crossed for my birthday next month!)

8.  I stapled it all to the board.  Ta da!

It's Lit (erature) Bulletin Board for Middle School English -- Match your teachers to their favorite books!
Can you guess which book is my favorite!?

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